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Freedom Bible College

Through the Bible College, we want everyone to learn to live a victorious, fruitful and effective life for Christ!

Freedom Bible College opens its doors Aug. 2019.   Partnering with the International School of Ministry (ISOM), the largest video-based Bible School, the 10 month program is designed to equip ordinary Christians to do extraordinary things.  

All classes combine teaching through video from well qualified and respected teachers such as Joyce Meyer, John Bevere, Marilyn Hickey and Dr. Bill Winston with biblical study and discussion.  Our facilitators all have years of experience to lead.

Currently, we will offer a 10 month study divided into 6 trimesters.  Participants who complete the 10 month study will have the opportunity to earn an Associates degree through several accredited schools.   

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753 Oakridge Farm Hwy

Mooresville, NC 28115


Classes meet each Tuesday & Thursday beginning at 7PM

Registration: Submit form below.

Course Descriptions 

Trimester 1 

  • Foundations of Faith

  • Supernatural Living

  • New Testament Survey

  • Praise and Worship

  • Fear of the Lord

Trimester 3

  • Introduction

  • Church-Based Training

  • Cell Groups

  • Power Evangelism

  • Leader's Integrity

  • Leadership Vision

  • Church Planting in Teams

  • Being Led by the Spirit

  • Promise Keeper

  • Alter Call

Trimester 2

  • Power of Prayer

  • Ministry of Helps

  • Old Testament Survey

  • Essence of the Gospel

  • Jesus, our healer today

  • Living by Faith

Trimester 4

  • Wilderness Mentality

  • Developing Leaders

  • Cell Group Leaders

  • Reconciliation

  • Personal Evangelism

  • Spiritual Warfare

  • Authority and Forgiveness

  • Spiritual Breakthrough

Trimester 5

  • Christ Connection

  • Living to Give

  • Biblical Eldership

  • Reaching a New Generation

  • Managing for Tomorrow

  • Ministering to Youth

Trimester 6

  • Completion of selected Ministry Module

Materials Required: Your Personal Study Bible and notebook.  All other materials will be provided.


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Thank you for your registration. We will follow-up with more details.

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