Valentine Goodie Bag

Some examples of filled Goodie Bags are as follows:

  • pens

  • post-it notes

  • fingernail file & polish (women)

  • comb

  • dishcloth

  • puzzle books

  • pre-wrapped candy

  • decorative magnets

  • pre-wrapped nuts & raisins

  • devotional book

  • hand lotion

  • $5 gift cards to fast food restaurants 

  • and more!

Goodie Bags

Sun. February 9, 2020 

 2:00PM - 4:00PM

We feel the need is great to love on our community of widows and widowers, especially around a day when so many are showering others with gifts.  To the widow, it may be a difficult reminder or a time of increased loneliness, whether due to a recent loss, or one that had impacted them for a number of years.   

During the Goodie Bag Outreach, teams of volunteers drop by the widow's home to deliver a well-filled Goodie Bag and enjoy a visit.  It is our desire to bring a little joy, just to let them know someone cares.    Our volunteers all have a heart for ministry!  

In order to receive a goodie bag, registration is required.  There is no cost or obligation involved!  Registration enables the following:

  • To have an accurate count of the number of men and women we will be delivering to.  The products in all the bags, while similar, will also be applicable to male or female.

  • Tells us where to deliver the bag.  We do ask that it be limited to an approximate 10 mile radius around the church. 

  • Optional questions serve as a guide for breaking the ice.

  • Confirms that you and the individual you have registered will be home and are expecting us.  Delivery will be in the time frame of 2:00PM - 4:00PM. 

Once we have received your registration, you'll get an email confirmation, and a few days before the event, we'll call ahead to confirm and give you a general time of delivery.​

Please note, we will not store any personal information to contact
you or your widow after this outreach!


Deadline to register is Feb. 6th!

Learn more about the history of the Valentine Goodie Bag Outreach.

"The woman I visited shared she was so thankful for her bag and this was being done for the widows."  M. B.

"I can't wait until next year.  I made some lifelong friends yesterday.  It was such a blessing!  A. S.

"I just wanted to let you know that was the most rewarding afternoon I have had in a very long time"                Volunteer delivering bags

"As a volunteer, I look forward to this afternoon every year!  To give my afternoon to brighten someone's day is such a blessing!"  J. L.

"This is a very special ministry.  The seniors in the nursing home are lonely and need to know they are not forgotten."  L. Z.

A Few Photos from 2020!

A Few Photos from 2019!

A Few Photos from 2018!

The Goodie bag outreach began in Feb. 2015 when mother/daughter duo, Jill Lowe and Sydney Caulder, who's husband was deployed to Afghanistan, realized it would be bittersweet that year, as Caulder's husband would be overseas.  That realization also meant other soldiers' wives/girlfriends would be alone on this special day.  Quickly, the idea was birthed to put together a little goodie bag of treats a woman would enjoy.   They soon learned that a group of wives were getting together for a Valentine Social, and that would be a perfect time to present the goodie bags already being assembled.  With the help from Freedom Christian Center purchasing ministry books, and others donating items, the bags quickly filled with the "girlie" products that everyone used and enjoyed.


With the first year being a hit, the traditional continued in 2016 and more folks got involved.  A Mary Kay representative donated products, a local dermatologist donated skin care samples, friends gave money and the bags were filled to overflowing.  One of the fun additions to those bags, were photographs taken of the soldier/husbands holding a sign with a special message for his wife at home. Those bags were presented during a dinner the wives had planned.  Other bags were shipped to the Norfolk VA area to the wives of naval soldiers who were out to sea. 

It was in 2017, a decision was made to change the recipients of the Goodie Bags to Mooresville area widows and widowers when access to local military was no longer possible.  



Valentine Goodie Bags to Deployed Soldiers Wives

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